PHS Debuts ‘Bijoux de Nip’ Hand-made Designer Nipple Jewelry

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PHS Debuts ‘Bijoux de Nip’ Hand-made Designer Nipple Jewelry
Adult sexcessory developer releases high-end nipple adornments with a mainstream twist


PHOENIX – June 30, 2011 – Adult product manufacturers PHS International has unveiled the Bijoux de Nip collection of exquisite luxury nipple adornments made using some of the world’s most beautiful – and precious – gemstones to bring high-end luxury to your nipple-tips.

PHS has teamed with mainstream geologist and jewelry maker Mykiel from Mariposa Designs of Scottsdale to create a series of themed nipple clamps (delete and huggers) that can be worn and enjoyed by men and women of all lifestyles. Switch the hardware for French hooks or clasps and Bijoux de Nip become striking earrings or necklaces.

“The Bijoux de Nip collection features wearable art pieces, unique one-of-a-kind accessories rather than factory-produced items you can find anywhere,” PHS CEO Chuck Harnish said. “These chains, pendants, clamps and cuffs are made by hand which means no item is alike.”


The Bijoux de Nip line is comprised of five separate collections, each with its own stylish design theme and associated price point:

The Parisian Collection is a set of glittering nipple clamps featuring lustrous clusters of gemstones or pearls set in either sterling silver or 14K gold.

The Marquis Collection is a set of sexy nipple clamps featuring large semiprecious stone pendants accented by smaller gemstones in a gorgeous chandelier-style fashion.

The Cannes Collection is a stunning set of nipple clamps connected by a bejeweled chain that draws the eye from the beauty of the accessories up to the beauty of the body they adorn.

The Moulin Rouge Collection is a striking set of nipple clamps connected with the same bejeweled chain of the Cannes Collection but with a special large semiprecious stone pendant at the center.

The Versailles Collection is the most precious of the Bijoux de Nip series, featuring gem clusters that dangle from each clamp joined by a jeweled chain with three large semiprecious stone pendants one hanging from each clamp and one that hangs at the center.

“The Bijoux de Nip line is certainly meant for the discerning shopper who knows quality craftsmanship and sexy style when he or she sees it,” Harnish said. “These pieces are for women who love jewelry – and discovering new places to wear it! – and the men who love to buy it for them. Can you think of a more unique gift for the woman who has everything?”

The Bijoux de Nip series of nipple jewelry features a vast selection of exquisite precious, semiprecious and rare gems: Amethyst, Red Topaz, Emerald, Ruby, Quartz Briolette, Black Spinel, Freshwater Pearl, Smoky Quartz, Peridot, Green Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Tourmaline, Chalcedony, Moonstone, Blue Zircon, Pink Topaz, Aquamarine, Hessonite Garnet, Apatite, Pearl, Sapphire and Blue Topaz.

Each piece is attached to either PHS’s classic tweezer clamps in black or chrome or their new wide tweezer-style nipple clamps. These stunning pieces and fit comfortably on both pierced and natural nipples.

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