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With Attitude LogoStore owners. Are you tired of Walgreen’s and Wal-Mart stepping on your turf and selling your specialized items? Well PHS International has a line that they will definitely take a pass on – With Attitude! With attitude is an irreverent collection of socks, mugs, and towels. These witty products are a clever way for your customers to declare their unique style and attitude to their friends and the world.

The sock collection

Want a subtle way to tell the world how you feel or what you want – With Attitude socks are just the ticket. Available, Naughty Boy, Fuck My Socks off, are just a few of the embroidered messages on these not so ordinary athletic socks.  Want to tell someone off? Well…send them your message loud and clear with a pair of socks. You can call them a slut or a bitch or simply tell them to Fuck Off. There are lots of choices. With attitude socks not only feature “in your face” messages but also provide amazing support and are surprisingly comfortable. Made of 80% cotton, 10% rubbertex and 10% nylon they feature a form fitting arch support and a non-ravel top. They also have a impact absorbing double cushioned sole.

The Towel Collection

With Attitude towels are the perfect accessory for your bedside table. These 100% cotton towels are super absorbent and clean up whatever messes come your way. Embroidered with fun and witty wording, they are also a great way to tell your partner how you feel or just convey a basic message. Tell them, we’re done, go home or again? The choice is yours. They also make great gym towels, go ahead let them know you’re a bottom, a top, a daddy or a boy. What a cute way to get your point across.

The Mug Collection

The With Attitude Mug Collection consists of over 60 styles in 7 different assortments. The Caution Line tells those around you what to look out for. The Fuck Line shouts your message loud and clear and Pride Mugs let you shine in all you gay glory. Check them all out – these are sure to provoke laughter at your breakfast table. These generous mugs feature large handles and vibrant graphics.


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