H2H LogoH2H (Heart 2 Heart) is an extensive line of adult pleasure toys designed for the fastest growing segment of adult product buyers in the world today – everyday women and the men who love them! Two very important components make up the brand that is H2H – The finest quality, skin safe products on the market today and beautiful packaging that is playful and suggestive but not objectionable in any way.
The first goal of the H2H brand is product quality and safety. Take a close look and you are sure to see the difference. All leather products feature turned and sewn edges for maximum comfort. Sturdy steel chrome plated hardware is durable and beautiful. Nitrile and elastomer cock rings and other items are 100% skin safe and contain non-phthalates or other toxins.  Weights and other metal items are 100% lead free. Vibrators are made of skin safe silicone. Your customer’s well being is our primary concern.
The second goal of PHS International in regards to the H2H brand is to get the “woman next door” to try products that she has never thought of using. The H2H brand packaging aims to remove the image that adult product play is kinky or nasty or something that seedy people do. Instead, the merchandising and packaging shows the use of this product by an average couple as fun, exciting and joyful.

H2H signature packaging system

PHS International believes that product packaging and merchandising are just as important as product quality in today’s very competitive retail environment. Ours is an increasingly aesthetic-driven industry and as such, product packaging cannot go overlooked. H2H uses a basic yet elegant design to convey its message of luxury and lifestyle and your customers will appreciate the attention to detail. Everything from the tear drop shape of the crystal clear clam shells to the vibrant colors of the insert cards and the playful yet tasteful photography are designed to catch a customers eye and draw them to the product. The couple depicted are attractive but not porn star looking. Poses are respectful and fun – no one is being subjective to the other. The goal is to make a new buyer feel comfortable when walking up to the register with their purchase.
The look is further enhanced by our signature tray in a clam system. Items which in the past have been difficult to display are laid in clear trays and placed inside the clam shells. The trays allow the entire product to be viewed clearly from the sides and the top allowing the customer to truly see what they are getting. No more clumps of tangled chains at the bottom of a bag! The trays allow the product to come to life for the customer.  Now they can truly see the size, shape and color and have a better idea of the products concept and use.
H2H is designed to be displayed as a group. We encourage you to purchase a spinning floor display or a wall display. Hey, why not let us create a custom display just for you? You pick the items, we design the display along with custom signage at absolutely NO CHARGE to you! We believe that when our products are displayed together as a cohesive unit they help to sell each other. The customer who came in looking for just a vibrator will more likely than not leave with other matching items from the line – these add-on sales mean add-on dollars for you!
From the product, to the packaging, to the merchandising, our branding organization is easy for you and for your customers. That’s our commitment to service, style and functionality.



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