Ordering Online

Ordering OnlineTo order online, you must create an account through NetSuite, our free online accounting software. To do this, click here. You will be able to create a user name for yourself. We will assign you a password. You will be able to change this password during your first login.

Once you have an account, you can order online by logging in, and clicking on “Enter An Order”, which will appear under “Orders”.



Why is it better for you to enter an Order Online?

  • Accuracy – you put your order directly into our accounting system, eliminating the errors ‘translating’ when an order is taken by phone, fax, or email.
  • Know the dollar amount of your order as you input your order. Our system will automatically keep a running total of your total amount ordered.
  • Faster order processing. Since your order goes directly into our system, the time savings will make your order ship out quicker.
  • Know as you input, what items are out of stock as you order. This will allow you to immediately substitute a similar item.


Ordering Tips

  • Group Orders by Item Type - Since items are shelved in the warehouse by item type, inputting your order by type/groups (IE: all buttons together, all stickers together, etc) will not only speed up the processing of your order but will also help to ensure its accuracy.
  • Back Orders - The system will notify you when an item is on back order. Since many items are manufactured in house and can be made to order, we suggest that you leave all back ordered items on your order.
  • Pricing - Many PHS items have multiple pricing levels. Generally, an item is a lesser price if a specified quantity is reached – usually 12 pieces. Your pricing level is set to default at the pricing type that most fits your ordering pattern. You are not able to change prices or pricing levels in Netsuite. PHS customer service representative will adjust all prices to the correct levels before the order is shipped.
  • Credit Card Charges - Your credit card is NOT charged immediately upon the submission of your order. Your order will be pulled, packed and edited to remove any discontinued or back ordered items. Actual shipping charges will be added, and once a total is reached, your credit card will be charged by a PHS International customer service rep.
  • Discontinued Items - If an item number which you are sure you have entered correctly (double check) comes up as “Item Not Found” the item has been discontinued and is no longer available.
  • Special Notes/Instructions - To send a message regarding you order, enter “see e-mail” in the memo box at the top of the order form. Then send us a separate e-mail to info@phsintl.com


Other features you can access in your account online:

  • See Orders
  • Request a Return
  • See Return Request
  • Print a Statement
  • See A/R Register
  • See All Transactions
  • Change your Email/Password
  • Change your addresses, and credit card


If you have forgotten your password, you can call or email us and we will help you reset it.

Netsuite is an accounting program and there are no images. We recommend that you have the items that you are interested in open in another window while you create your order. This is easiest to do through our online catalogs.

If you have any questions, please call or email us.


Current Customers can login here.

New Customers can register here.