We create a wide variety of high quality products that will please and delight your clients. Below is a breakdown of our lines, and the benefits of each line. Click on one of the links below to learn even more about our products.

Bijoux de Nip


We are pleased to introduce you to Bijoux de Nip. The most exquisite line of nipple  clamps ever created. Each hand crafted piece is a dazzling work of art & completely unique. No two pieces are the same & each is individually stunning. These one of a kind treasures are created from high quality semi-precious stones including: Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Pink, Red and Blue Topaz, Amethyst, Fresh Water Pearls, Peridot & more, intertwined with each other & strung with precious metals. Explore Bijoux de Nip.


Fresh Logo


Like to know your products are safe for you, your lifestyle & don’t harm others? Then Fresh is the line for you! Fresh is your current & best source for luxury vegan, vegetarian or animal loving consumer. From our super soft polyethylene padded wrist restraints to our phthalate free dildos, we have a long list of animal product free & skin safe gear & pleasure toys for today’s vegan consumers. Fresh is the world’s first & only full vegan friendly toy line.  Explore Fresh.


H2H Logo


H2H (Heart 2 Heart) is an extensive line of adult pleasure toys designed for the fastest growing segment of adult product buyers in the world today – everyday women and the men who love them! Two very important components make up the brand that is H2H – The finest quality, skin safe products on the market today and beautiful packaging that is playful and suggestive but not objectionable in any way. Explore H2H.



M2M Logo


Introducing M2M. Your hottest and best source for luxury leather gear and pleasure toys for man2man satisfaction. This diverse product line was designed by gay men for gay men. That’s right, guys who actually know what you want put this all together. From steamy encounters in the bedroom to casual cruising in the clubs, M2M has the goods you need to make the magic happen. Explore M2M.



With Attitude Logo


Store owners. Are you tired of Walgreen’s and Wal-Mart stepping on your turf and selling your specialized items? Well PHS International has a line that they will definitely take a pass on – With Attitude! With attitude is an irreverent collection of socks, mugs, and towels. These witty products are a clever way for your customers to declare their unique style and attitude to their friends and the world. Explore With Attitude.


Gaysentials Logo


Have it. Give it. Want it. Take it. Pride! Pride – Gaysentials is our line dedicated to those of the LGBT community & beyond. Pride covers a wide gamut of the rainbow community with products for all walks of life who are proud of who they are & will gladly come back for more! Explore Pride – Gaysentials