Introducing: M2M – Your prime source for luxury leather gear & pleasure toys for ultimate man2man satisfaction: products designed for gay men by gay men.

From steamy encounters in the bedroom to casual connections in the club, M2M has the gear to get you going and have fun, no matter where you are or what your pleasure is.

Our line includes:

  • Collars and Crops
  • Clamps and Cock Rings
  • Harnesses and Hoods
  • Stretchers and Restraints
  • Whips and Gags
  • Floggers and Slappers
  • Weights and Vibes
    …and so much more!

Our products include quality leather and premium hardware.

  • Leather products have tailored edges for maximum comfort
  • Nitrile items are phthalate free and %100 skin safe
  • Weights are lead free
  • Elastomer items are %100 skin safe and compatible with all lubricants